Art in the Park Milton – Virtual Event

July 31 – August 10

Items for Milton

If you are interested in something small off Instagram, our website or Twitter, contact us. We can do e-transfer for payment.
Window boxes and custom work will be available mid-September. We are busy setting up the new studio!

Sunflower Phase

Suncatcher. Colour photo mounted on glass. Handmade frame.
Parts of the image on our suncatchers are transparent, so you can see a bit through the background depending on where you place them.

Size Approx: 8″ x 6″x .75″


OOAK Nightlights

Original images on each nightlight. Photos are printed on a heat resistant material. CSA approved base. Incandescent lightbulb. Acrylic back.

The nightlight in the photo is exclusive for the Milton event. Different ones are available in the Kingston Artfest shop.


Virtual Online Art and Craft Festival

Artfest Kingston 2020

July 1 – 4, 2020

Some of our smaller items are available at the Artfest Shop.
Happy Canada Day! Happy 4th of July!


We are part of Kingston’s Artfest.

* Free Shipping for Rufuss items posted on the ArtFest Shop website.
Take advantage of the free shipping deal while it is available.

Please note due to size, our window lightboxes are not included in the Artfest Shop. At this time we can not make shipping arrangements. We originally planned to show some of the window lightboxes at Artfest Kingston. Due to the Corona Virus the festival format changed for 2020.
Most of our window light boxes are on Instagram including a custom job using a client’s photo.

If you have questions about something you see on the Arfest Shop please contact us.

The items bellow are in the Artfest shop.

Ponty Pool Grain Elevator & Railway Tracks

A Rufuss original. Handmade lightbox made with reclaimed pallet wood.  B&W image of Ponty Pool, Ontario printed on acrylic.  The warm LED’s give the photo a warm, vintage, sepia like glow during evening hours.

Box Dimensions
8.5 inches (L)
6 inches (w)
3.75 (d)
Cord length: Approx 61 inches (CSA approved electrical)

Price: $150.00 + shipping.

CARE for the ACRYLIC surface: Lint free cloth only. Using an ammonia base cleaner will damage the acrylic and ruin the image.

Ponty Pool Railway Tracks

A Rufuss original. Handmade lightbox made using reclaimed pallet wood. This one has an interesting wood knot on top.
B&W image of the Ponty Pool, ON railway tracks is printed directly on acrylic.  The cool LED’s installed inside the box give the photo a contemporary b & w glow during the evening.

Triptych Lightbox – Views in Furnas Azores

A reclaimed frame inspired the concept and design for this lightbox.  The images were taken from 3 different vantage points facing the church in Furnas, Azores.  Printed in black and white, the images appear sepia when the lightbox is lit.

Price: $200.00 + shipping

Dreamy Garden Mirror Box.

Dreamy Garden Mirror Box

 Made from reclaimed wood and a reclaimed mirror. The photo and mirror combination make Dreamy Garden very reflective. As the viewing angle changes, so do the reflections. At certain angles the viewer’s environment starts to reflect and combine with the photo. Dreamy Garden was taken at the  world famous Terra Nostra Garden in Furnas, Azores.  The garden scene becomes much more magical with the mirror. There are slight colour changes throughout the day as available light changes.  

This style of mirror box was designed to be mounted on a wall or displayed on a table.

Dreamy Garden Mirror Box

Price: $65.00
7.5 in (L)
5.5 in (W)
2.25 in (depth)

We were inspired by some old vintage photo toys and optical illusions when designing the mirror boxes.  Our interest in Feng Shui helped guide design decisions for this particular box.  

$65.00 + shipping
Dimensions: 7.5 in (L) x 5.5 in (W) x 2.25 (depth)

Made from reclaimed wood and a reclaimed mirror. Interesting reflections happen inside the box.  At certain angles the viewer’s environment starts to reflect in the photo. This style of mirror box can be mounted on a wall or displayed on a table.
The photo was taken at a giant sunflower patch in La Pocatière, Québec. 

Canoeing in Peterborough

Black and white photo with the tiny canoers in colour.  Printed high resolution on clear acrylic.  This mirrorbox was designed to be wall mounted. 
A sunny July afternoon in Peterborough, Ontario;  canoers enjoying a gorgeous summer day on the water.  The combination of the mirror and cloud reflections change depending on your viewing angle. 

Price: $225 + shipping
Dimensions: Approx. 13 x 13 inches

CARE for ACYLIC SURFACE: Lint free cloth only. Using an ammonia based cleaner will damage the acrylic surface.

Lady Slippers

A tabletop suncatcher.  The photo is printed on a commercial grade surface with UV protection.  We refurbished and repaired the frame for this sun catcher.

Lady Slippers are the official wild flower of Prince Edward Island.  This photo was taken one early morning on a nature trail.

Vintage photographic technology  and our appreciation for stained glass art influenced the concept and design of our suncatchers.

Price: 60.00 + shipping

Dimensions: 11.125 in x 9.125 in

New Age Serenity Lightbox

This lightbox is designed to sit flat on a table.  The box and photo combination was designed for displaying small rocks or crystals on top of the image. 
The photos for our serenity boxes reflect the elements such as water, earth or air.  Relaxation and colour harmony were considered during the design and image editing processes. 

Price: $200.00 + shipping
Dimensions: 11.5 in (L) x 9.5 in (w) x 4.25 in (depth)

OOAK Nightlights

Images for the nightlights came from artist proofs of abstract underwater scenes.  The proofs were printed on a heat resistant, flexible material.  The acrylic backings were designed and laser cut to our specifications. 
When assembling the nightlights, colour combinations between the image and backings are considered. 

Price: $30.00 + shipping

OOAK Nightlight

The nightlight bases come in black or white.
We have more but these are the actual ones listed on the Artfest shop.

Price: $30.00 + shipping

Questions? Contact us.

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