The suncatchers were designed to be displayed in front of a window or used as a space divider. They look good and start to feel a bit 3D against a white wall.
The copper wire is optional. Some of our clients have enjoyed getting creative making their own DIY hangers. Best story is the upcycled purse chain. We are still waiting for a photo!

Furnas Palms & Pond

Photography mounted on glass. Printing process is designed for exposure to UV light.
Handmade frame. Stain colour is Jacobean. Copper wire is optional.

Furnas Palms & Pond installed.

The image takes on different colours and qualities as the light changes throughout the day.

The suncatchers and our handmade foil & glitter cards were inspired by a few sources like slide film, vintage view masters and glass negatives.

Foil & Glitter Cards

Crab Apple Spring Trees

A Rufuss handmade silver glitter art card.

Original photography.

Examples of our gold foil art cards.
Garden scenes come from the dreamy Tera Nostra Garden in Furnas, Azores.

Our glitter and foil art cards are highly reflective. Images start to feel less familiar and scenes take on a different quality due to the foil or glitter background.

Our foil and glitter art cards were partly inspired by old Dufex prints; popular in the 1970’s & 1980’s. Like our art cards, images using the Dufex printing process took on a special quality due to the metallic colours. Google images has some great examples of Dufex prints. Or look for an original Dufex print. Sometimes they can be found in the framing section of a second hand shop.

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