First Batch – One of a Kind

Our batch of nightlights are technically prototypes. Each image is unique and one of a kind. They are printed on a material designed for backlit images.
The bases are available in black or white and feature an on / off switch. The incandescent bulbs give a warm glow. Replacement bulbs are readily available at a number of retailers.

Our nightlights will be available at our next art event. We will be posting a few soon through Amazon Handmade Canada.

White base. Light during the evening. The shadows cast might change on our next batch. The new ones will feature acrylic backings. Some of the acrylic we had cut to our specification is mirrored.

We have had all kinds of comments about the colours and shapes. Hearing the feedback is fun – especially when someone’s perception or imagination of what was photographed is nowhere close to the original scene. For those who are guessing water – correct. The original photo was taken during a water themed artist residency in Pico, Azores. Holly McClellan titled her work from the residency “Shallow Views”.

The image bellow was printed as an artist proof for an exhibition called UnNatural History. After the show, it was decided cut the proof into pieces to make the nightlights.

From Holly McClellan’s Shallow Views. Displayed as a 24×20 lightbox image for UnNatural History exhibition.
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