What makes our nightlights unique and one of a kind?

Product Info

The material used for our nightlights is designed for backlighting. It is a heat-resistant, flexible, film like material. The nightlight images are lit with an incandescent bulb, providing a warm, relaxing glow.
The images on our nightlights are all original.

Clear Coloured Acrylic Backing

Our nightlights feature different colour acrylic backings.

The backings are all laser cut to our specifications. To complement the colours in the images, we had several different colours of acrylic cut.

Mirrored Acrylic Backings

Using different coloured acrylic backings, ensures each one of our nightlights is unique and one of a kind.
The nightlight backings, images and nightlight bases are all colour coordinated with care during assembly. We take the time to make sure there is unity with the final design.

Nightlight bases

The nightlight bases are available in black or white. The bases have an easy to access on / off switch. Replacement bulbs are available at a number of retail stores or online shops.

The Nightlight Image Story

Images for the nightlights came from some of Holly’s artist proofs, printed for an exhibition called UnNatural History. The artist proofs were used to check colours and tones like test strips used in darkroom photography.
After awhile it was decided to turn to cut up the artist proofs, re-purpose them and create one of a kind nightlights. Each nightlight image is part of a larger abstract photo.

Shallow Views

The images were created during a water themed art residency in Pico, Azores. Holly’s work for the residency was a visual study of seaweed and aquatic plant life. The water, plant material and some photo and editing techniques were used to create the abstractions.

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