Wall Mounted

Window Boxes

Our window lightboxes can enhance a dark space or add interest to a decor scheme. Window boxes are made from new and reclaimed materials. Images are carefully selected to suit the format of the window. Paint treatments on the window are carefully planned to complement the image. The box colour is selected to suit the image and paint treatment, while considering contemporary décor schemes.

Niagara Power

All electrical components are CSA approved.

The look of the boxes changes throughout the day.

Using the dimmer switch changes the look of the image.

Spring Trees

Location: Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec

During image processing for Spring Trees, something hidden appeared. It was left untouched. It is easiest to see it, in person, when the box is lit.

Birch Trees

A few water droplets hit the camera lens during capture. These imperfections were left in the photo as they provide a bit of colour.

Birch Trees lit during the day.

Disclaimer: The photos of the lit Birch Trees are not colour correct. The camera sensor does not adapt to the lighting like our eyes do.

Birch Trees lit at night.

3 Panel

These windows were purchased at a reuse store. We don’t actually know anything about them or exactly how they were used. While handling the windows and during sanding, we started to sense they had stories to tell.

Lagos, Portugal

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