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Window Boxes

Our window lightboxes are designed to enhance dark spaces and add interest to a decor scheme. Window boxes are made from reclaimed wooden windows and new materials. Images are carefully selected and edited to suit the format of the window. Paint or stain treatments on the windows and boxes help create colour harmony and unity.

2 Panel Window Light Boxes

Niagara Power

The look of the lightboxes and photos change throughout the day.

All our electrical components are CSA approved.

Using the dimmer switch changes the look fo the image. The atmosphere at night changes depending on the intensity. Dimmed down the lightboxes work well as an accent light during relaxation or a meditation session.

Spring Trees.  Baie-Saint_Paul, Quebec.  Window Lightbox by Rufuss.

Spring Trees

Location: Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec

Birch Trees.  Window Lightbox by Rufuss.  Distressed paint treatment.

Birch Trees

A distressed paint treatment was applied to bring out the black in the image and other subtle colour tones.

Birch Trees Window Lightbox, by Rufuss, lit during the day.

Birch Trees window Lightbox by Rufuss lit at night.

Birch Trees lit at night.

The actual windows used to create our 2 panel window lightboxes were created from.

No joke.

Yes the siding was replaced too. It couldn’t be salvaged …

3 Panel Window Lightboxes

These window frames came from a reuse store. We don’t actually know anything about them or how they were used. We are guessing they came from a basement.
While sanding down the window frames, we could could see an old layer of black paint on some of them. While handling this batch of windows, we started to sense they have stories to tell.

Lagos, Portugal

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